Skylight by Jose Saramago

  Some say that that magic of a good work is diminished when that work is translated into another language. Others are quick to suggest that good works transcend language, that theme and rendering are enough to carry those stories through the ages, regardless of what tongue is used to tell them. … Continue reading

Farewell, Dorothy Parker by Ellen Meister

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a review, and this book might not be the best one with which to resume. But it’s something to get me started again. In the past, my reviews have been academic, formal, dry. Something tells me Dorothy Parker would have hated them. “The great … Continue reading

Live by Night by Dennis Lehane

“That’s what it took to stay on top in the rackets,” we’re told, “everyone had to know you’d long ago amputated your conscience.” And for awhile, the sentiment is believable. Almost. The thing is, Joe Coughlin, the protagonist in Dennis Lehane’s Live by Night, is nothing if not conscientious. Maybe he … Continue reading